Changemaker Award

The DuPage County Health Department and the Prevention Leadership Team are looking to honor individuals, organizations and communities who are leading the way in prevention efforts and going above and beyond to protect youth in DuPage County by making positive change in the community. Do you know a teen or adult who works tirelessly on prevention efforts, an organization who advocates for strong prevention policies or a community who has enforced a new law or campaign focused on prevention and the protection of youth in their community? We want to know about them! The Changemaker Award will be presented each year at our annual meeting, but nominations will be accepted all year. See below for criteria that would make someone eligible to receive the Changemaker Award.

Teen Changemaker:

  • DuPage County resident, 18 years or younger.
  • Involved in prevention related groups or activities that impact their peers.
  • Stands out as a Changemaker and leader for prevention.

Adult Changemaker:

  • DuPage County resident, 19 years or older.
  • Participates/volunteers for prevention related activities that will impact youth.
  • Goes above and beyond to create positive change in the community.

Organization Changemaker:

  • DuPage County organization focused on prevention to protect youth in DuPage.
  • Dedicated group to making positive change and influencing prevention policies that will impact youth.
  • Stands out as leading the way for other organizations to work on prevention initiatives.

Community Changemaker:

  • City, town, village or neighborhood located within DuPage County.
  • Implements and enforces prevention policies or community campaigns intended to protect youth.
  • Leads the way for other communities to implement progressive change. 

Submission Form:

Fill out this submission form by October 13, 2023 to make a nomination.